Physicians who use marijuana as treatment option satisfied

Marijuana is a drug that has been identified as a reason for substance abuse previously. There are some people who are addicted to this drug, but after a lot of high quality cannabis research, it has been noticed that it has a lot of medical benefits and can treat quite a number of diseases that are considered to be chronic and deadly too. This has prompted many physicians to start treating their patients with low doses of marijuana and it has tremendously improved the health condition of the patients. The treatments have been effective because of the various beneficial compounds that are present in this medicinal plant. The marijuana is given as it is, in the leaf form or it can be made into pills, inhalers and other forms.

Physicians also find it beneficial to use medical marijuana because the beneficial compounds from this plant can be extracted and it can be provided to patients. Even those who find it ethically wrong to prescribe marijuana as it is can use the extracts for the benefit of patients.

Diseases where marijuana is a safe option:

  1. Diabetes: Diabetes can lead to inflammation in the walls of the arteries. This can lead to other health complicat5ion. This is prevented by the use of marijuana. When  marijuana is consumed, it can help in controlling the other complications of the disease. read more about marijuana and Diabetes here.
  2. Cancer: The use of this wonderful drug in the treatment of cancerous tumors has been proved by research. Even malignant glioma and other such severe forms of cancer can be effectively treated with the use of medical marijuana. The cancer can be cured completely with the help of this drug or it can be reduced in size.
  3. Depression and other psychiatric disorders: These are the disorders where marijuana can play a very effective role. Depression can lead to a feeling of complete helplessness in the patient. This can be overcome with the use of medical marijuana. Even other related disorders like stress, insomnia and anxiety can be treated with the use of this drug.
  4. One of the mos popular marijuana in the US is Blue Mystic and Northern Light.

There are various other conditions like arthritis that can be treated effectively with medical marijuana. Almost all of the physicians who used this wonder medication are satisfied with the results. There are several examples of skeptics not wanting to treat their patients with this drug, but just tried it out because all the other medications did not work. All those who tried out this medication are extremely satisfied with the results and vouch that they will continue using it for all their patients, for best results.