Medical marijuana helps treat dreaded health conditions

sour diesel marijuanaMedical marijuana is slowly but steadily gaining precedence over other drugs as far as the treatment of certain deadly diseases is concerned. Many health conditions are dreaded because of their disabling nature. Medical marijuana is very helpful in the treatment of such chronic and severe conditions. This drug may not be useful in the complete cure of the disease, but it is surely beneficial in the treatment of these diseases to a large extent.



Diseases where medical marijuana can be used as treatment

1. Multiple sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis is a very severe disease with no known cure. It is also a progressive disease. The symptoms can worsen and lead to severe disablement of the affected person. There are also times when the disease can flare up and during these times of exacerbations, the affected person may suffer severely with pain and muscle spasm. Medical marijuana helps to relieve these symptoms to a large extent.

2. Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia is a disease where there is no known cure. It is a disease where the affected person will suffer from severe pain in the joints and nerves. Muscle pain and cramps are also common. Since there is only symptomatic treatment available to treat this disease, medical marijuana is the popular drug of choice. The reason for this is that during the treatment of this chronic condition, other drugs can cause very severe side effects that can itself cause further disablement and even death. On the other hand, medical marijuana is safer and does not cause any major side effects.

3. Alzheimer’s disease: The dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease can be very serious in some people, making them dependent on others for their survival. It is important that the disease is treated with the right drugs to overcome the dementia. When dementia is overcome, it is a major victory against the disease. Medical marijuana can help to achieve this victory against this serious disease.

4. Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a disease where the seizures can take control of a person’s life and prevent them from leading a normal lifestyle. Medical marijuana is the right drug that can help in the treatment of the person. The seizures can be prevented over a period of time, but there is a immediate reduction in the intensity and in the frequency of seizures that occur.

Though medical marijuana may not completely cure certain diseases, it is a wonderful drug that helps in controlling and alleviating symptoms in these diseases. Continuing research can help it being introduced in the treatment of various other diseases too.